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Messages To Young People Chapter 1

by Read by Patrick G. Graham

A book of valuable instructions for young people, this compilation answers many of the questions that arise concerning Christian conduct in a modern world. Indexed - God's Purpose for the Youth. The Conflict with Sin. Gaining Victories. Walking in the Light. Preparation for the Life Work. Service. Health and Efficiency. The Devotional Life. Reading and Music. Stewardship. The Home Life. Dress and Adornment. Recreation and Amusement. Social Relations. Courtship and Marriage


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Steps to Christ

by Ellen G. White Narrated by Patrick Graham

This is the time-old classic written by Ellen G. White. A woman of God whose writings are held in high regards. This message is not bound by denomination but speaks clearly of how to take steps towards the Creator.  This audiobook is intended for you to listen while  you work, drive or just as an anxiety buster knowing that He is always near. Though this  audio can be heard, it will be sold and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Christian Education.